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3 Signs your Business is Ready for Rebranding + Quick Fixes

There are a lot of changes that happen within and around your business as it grows.

This change may be in your product offerings, audience targeting, or brand positioning. Changed beliefs, changed political situations, and changed business landscape calls for REBRANDING.

In today’s blog post, we will share signs that will help you identify that your business has evolved and is now in need of a refreshed brand image.

Understanding the Elements of Branding

Your business’s branding is more than your logo, font, or colors. It is your brand's story that builds your brand's identity, connects you to your audience, and helps you build relationships with your consumers.

Your brand shouldn’t be something written, designed, or drawn. It should be a thriving force that defines why and how your business operates, interacts, and moves forward. Therefore, as the people in your target audience get more educated, change their political preferences, evolve their tastes—your brand should evolve too.

Signs that your Business is Ready for Rebranding

1. Your branding was not strong, to begin with

As a new business, it is natural to be more passionate about your products and services than your brand. For those who are just starting, branding is often an afterthought. Moreover, startups and small businesses don’t always find the budget to spend on professional branding services.

But as the company grows, there is an immediate need to create a cohesive and consistent brand identity.As a result, your old or existing brand design and the message doesn't make a great first impression.

Quick Fix: To fix this problem, your brand may need a new website with new or improved branding elements and designs. Did you know it takes 0.05 secs for consumers to form an impression of your website?

2. Your brand’s mission and vision have evolved

Initially, business owners start with the idea of making sales and earning profits. Once they are in business, their connection with their audience makes them care about them. They want to be more than sellers and service providers- they want to humanize their brand to get closer to their consumers.

This results in a shift in their brand’s purpose and vision.

Quick Fix: Revamp your brand’s mission and vision by re-evaluating your purpose and goals. When doing so, find the ‘why’ behind your brand, focus on 'what' you can do for your community, and envision 'how' you see yourself as a brand in the next 5, 10, and 15 years.

3. Your brand doesn’t align with industrial and political changes

This is 2021, new technologies are emerging and trending every day. Your competitors are evolving, and so should you.

Likewise,in the changed political landscape your audience is facing new challenges. 64% of consumers make their decisions based on a brand’s social standing or political position.

Therefore, your branding must evolve to show your social standing. However, remember that helping the community, supporting women, or standing up for minorities aren't just buzz words. You can only incorporate diversity, equity, cultural awareness, and inclusion in your brand if you truly believe in them.

Quick Fix: Learn how you can support your community. Assess if your brand can embed diversity and inclusion in its core values and vision.

Wrapping up…

Rebranding is not just for small or new businesses. Until your branding fully aligns with your purpose, clarifies its position to its audience, and builds connections with your consumers-you will need to tweak, change or remodel your branding.

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