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5 Ways to Boost Your Digital Marketing in a Tough Economy

 A tough economy can challenge any entrepreneur or business. However, a tough economy can also stimulate creativity and inspire a different or more aggressive approach. If your business is threatened by the current economic situations – either globally or within your organization – then the time is now to get ahead and start thinking more proactively about your marketing strategy. 

Below are five ways that you can boost your digital marketing in a tough economy. 

1. Increase Your Conversion Rates with Marketing Automation

When the economy is less than ideal, you need to find faster and more efficient ways to advertise online or send out emails. Implementing marketing automation strategies can create a more fluid and dynamic campaign that helps you maintain customer engagement. Some tips for optimizing marketing automation include:

  • Keep your content dynamic and engaging.
  • Target the buyer persona: consumer you are trying to reach.
  • Maintain a consistent flow of content.
  • Follow up on your leads.
  • Monitor/analyze your strategy closely for the highest ROI.

2. Spruce Up Your Website

How long has it been since you added a web page, updated your products/services, or just gave your website an overhaul? When was the last blog you added to your site? Website upgrades/maintenance are both affordable and yield a higher ROI and greater revenue. It could also boost your Google rankings and get you greater exposure from organic online searches.

Need some ideas for updating your website? Try these:

  • Add five SEO-driven blogs to the site ASAP.
  • Redesign the homepage as a simple rebranding strategy.
  • Analyze your sitemap to see what service/product pages you need to add.
  • Go through and refresh or add internal hyperlinks on key pages.
  • Replace old photos/videos/graphics with new media.

You may also want to add pages that will interest your audience such as FAQs, case studies, news pages, or a ‘meet our team’ page.

3. Direct All Marketing Channels Back to Your Website

Companies often fail at optimizing their marketing channels because they do not understand the correlation between their website and other marketing platforms. Therefore, they lose A LOT of revenue because their marketing strategies often fall short of leading the audience back to their products or services. 

To state this more clearly, all marketing channels should funnel back to the pages on the website that highlight products and services. While restructuring your marketing strategy to follow this model can take a little time, it’s a cheap but effective way to boost your marketing. 

Here's a step-by-step example:

  1. Create a new blog and put it on your website. Make sure the blog contains internal links and is optimized for SEO.
  2. Generate two emails that promote the blog. Instead of embedding the blog in the email, give a summary of the blog, create a link, and tell your readers to click the link. 
  3. Post about the blog on your social media sites. Again, create links in the post and tell your readers to click the link. 

In this example, the blog part of your website, which is the base of your marketing. The emails and social media posts are channels that lead back to the blog. Doing this once or twice will have a little effect. However, creating an ongoing stream of blogs, emails, social media posts, etc., will ‘train’ your audience to continue going back to your website. This increases traffic and improves your SEO/Google rankings.

4. Save Time & Money Outsourcing to a Digital Marketing Agency

One of the reasons why companies do not outsource their digital marketing is due to the stigma of agencies being expensive. 

There are two ways to look at this:

First, how much money are you spending on in-house marketing? Your costs may include equipment, apps, online services, hiring staff, paying benefits, salaries, and spending money on facilities. You can cut your costs considerably by removing all of these expenses and outsourcing them to a digital marketing agency.

Second, what is your ROI on your marketing efforts? Is all the money you’re spending right now yielding the results? Furthermore, are you optimizing your efforts by tapping into the best resources and talent possible? Digital marketing agencies focus on the most advanced and lucrative marketing strategies for businesses. 

Instead of hiring one person to take care of your marketing you get an entire team of professionals who are dedicated to helping you increase your revenue. Plus, you don’t have to make the extra investment to purchase equipment, software, or online services. 

5. Advertise Promotions, Sales, or Introductory Offers

You don’t have to pull back on your marketing to keep your customers engaged. You just need to get creative on what you can generate revenue in a tough economy. So, create sales, promotions, or introductory offers on your products or services. Customers always appreciate sales and will respond to free trials or more buying options. 

On the same token, now may be a good time for a product launch or testing out a new service in your company. The point is to keep your audience engaged and interested. Remember, if you are not engaging your market in a tough economy, someone else is. Therefore, when the economy finally starts improving, all of your current or potential clients will already be gone. 

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