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AATC & Smart Restrooms: Improving Customer Experience

When you gotta go, you gotta go.

The recent collaboration between Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport and plumbing manufacturer, TOTO, just improved how you go. TOTO recently announced advanced upgrades to AATC's restroom system that include fully-connected smart technology.

TOTO and GP Pro's restroom solutions ensure that all passengers enjoy a clean and comfortable restroom experience. TOTO integrates a wide range of elements into the system, such as the Internet of Things (IoT), a cloud-based platform, data storage, and high-capacity sensors. What will all of this technology do? It provides a more efficient flow of passengers while adding convenience and safety for all users and custodial staff.

The new system includes advanced features and benefits, such as :

  • Auto-flush valves, faucets, and tissue dispensers
  • Product usage monitors and alerts
  • Clogged, jammed, or flooded toilet alerts
  • Cost-effective equipment use
  • Reduced equipment or paper waste

The system provides comprehensive monitoring and tracking throughout the restroom environment so that custodial staff can respond to problems immediately. Restrooms are often a trigger point for passengers. Clean restrooms give airports high ratings and improve their reputation. Adversely, dirty restrooms can project a negative image that an airport does not care about its patrons.

By adding smart bathroom technology, AATC can maintain a positive connection with passengers as they head through the corridor toward their next flight. Thinkzilla congratulates Dr. Kofi Smith, CEO & President of AATC for embracing innovative solutions and integrating the world’s first fully-connected smart restroom.

Case Study: The AATC Super Bowl Springboard

Super Bowl LIII will always be remembered as one of the most defensive games in NFL history. Both New England and Los Angeles held each season scoring lows (13 to 3). For those living in Atlanta, the championship game meant more people, more traffic, and more delays.

AATC seized the moment. The airport reached out to Thinkzilla to improve what had sorely been lacking – a strong PR presence in the community.

Thinkzilla was a good match for AATC due to our connection with the media and our ability to leverage what was already a well-known brand. Furthermore, the airport would serve as a hub of national and international travel during Super Bowl LIII weekend.

What were the objectives?

  • Secure local press coverage
  • Increase online traffic to all social media platforms
  • Connect AATC to individuals influencers

Furthermore, AATC had just received an Asset Management Certification for operational excellence – the first airport to receive the award. When combined, the award, the Super Bowl, and a fresh PR campaign helped AATC get the exposure they were going for.

What were the results?

  • 49,000 online impressions from the certification story
  • Nearly 1,200 additional hits on AATC’s website
  • 62 influencers promoting AATC’s story
  • 20 percent increase in web visibility.

The campaign boosted AATC’s exposure, helped them launch a structured and powerful Public Relations strategy and created channels for them to launch future stories such as the latest collaboration with the plumbing manufacturer, TOTO.

Think Big…Think “Zilla”

Thanks to the aggressive strategy of Dr. Kofi Smith and her team, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport now enjoys a greater online presence. Her vision is what created a successful collaboration with the Thinkzilla. Now the ball is in your court? What are your marketing ideas? What is your vision? We can make it happen.

Thinkzilla works with businesses from startups to Fortune 500 companies to take their marketing strategies to the next level. We provide comprehensive marketing and branding services that cover every area of promoting your business. To find out more about how we can help your company, call us today at 888-509-1145 or fill out our online form, and we’ll be in touch.


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