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Community Engagement Programs

The communities we serve in Scottsdale and all of Arizona benefit from a diverse and multicultural population. At ThinkZILLA, we believe there is strength in diversity and it is more important than ever for companies and organizations to have inclusive programs for diverse communities. That's why we offer Houston, Atlanta, and the Scottsdale areas community engagement programs for crisis management. As a leader in DE&I (diversity, equity, and inclusion), ThinkZILLA can help your commercial or governmental organizations effectively engage with our multicultural community. We can help you become a force for good by breaking down barriers, supporting people, and addressing challenges specific to minority communities. Our proven methods have led to developing meaningful, reciprocal relationships between businesses, local leaders, influencers, and minority communities. 
We offer the Houston, Atlanta, and Scottsdale communities effective community engagement programs for crisis management that provide all the guidance you need to develop effective policies and programs. This provides minorities with increased representation on multiple levels in the community. Whether this is the first time you have embarked on a community engagement program or you have done something similar before, our team at ThinkZILLA will guide you through our process and proven methods. We will work closely with you to understand your goals, develop a specific community engagement program, and provide oversight of implementation. These programs have helped companies throughout Houston, Atlanta, and Scottsdale thrive with community engagement and crisis management. Our programs will increase your brand awareness, build customer loyalty, and create opportunities for our multicultural community members, making your organization and the community stronger. 

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Community Engagement

FOR: Commercial and Governmental Organizations
If you're ready to invest into the minority community in a way that supports and improves your brand identity, Thinkzilla will develop and oversee community engagement programs that form meaningful relationships with community leaders, influencers and the minority community at large.

What makes us unique is that we bring a combination of DE&I expertise, extensive media and public relations experience and a network of over 250,000 diverse suppliers to help you achieve your goals quickly.

Through our Atlanta, Houston, and Scottsdale community engagement programs, we work with organizations throughout the areas to break down societal barriers and create equitable opportunities. Our team provides you with the tools and strategies you need to build effective relationships with underserved and underrepresented populations. Combined with our DE&I expertise, comprehensive media and public relations knowledge, and a diverse network of more than a quarter million suppliers, we can help you create a valuable community engagement program in Scottsdale.
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