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Today's society has adopted a culture that values diversity and our multicultural population. These values are integrated into our workplaces, our television and entertainment, the way we engage with others on social media platforms, and in our day-to-day interactions with people. While we have made great strides in the way we have embraced our diverse population, there is still much to be done to ensure true equality for everyone.
ThinkZILLA Consulting works with companies and organizations all over the country, including Houston, to improve our economy and our communities by promoting cultural diversity at work and connecting brands to consumers in a socially relevant way. Our DEI consulting company in Houston offers DEI workplace programs to businesses and develops marketing strategies and programs to support all people, regardless of their race, gender, sexual orientation, socioeconomic or cultural background, religious affiliation, or ability. We work together to strengthen our communities by creating culturally conscious brand engagement and equal workplace opportunities.
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Workplace Diversity Statistics

Companies with diverse management teams earn 19% more revenue.
In making business decisions, diverse teams perform better than individual decision-makers by 87%.
Companies that embrace inclusion are 170% more likely to be innovation leaders in their industries. Our Houston DEI consulting company helps organizations lead their markets.
Businesses that are ethnically and racially diverse perform 35% better than other companies in their industries.
67% of job applicants believe that it is important employers have a diverse workforce. 
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