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Diverse Supplier Recruitment, Training & Development

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Supplier Diversity Programs

FOR: Corporate and Governmental Organizations
If you want to ensure that you have a diverse supplier base, Thinkzilla’s team in Atlanta, Houston, and Scottsdale will develop and promote tailored supplier diversity programs for you that include internal recruitment, training programs and complete marketing execution.

Unlike other DE&I consulting or marketing organizations, Thinkzilla brings a combination of DE&I expertise, extensive media and public relations experience, and a network of over 250,000 diverse suppliers to help you achieve your goals quickly.
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Diverse Supplier Recruitment and Development

FOR: Commercial and Governmental Organizations
If you need to increase diversity across your supply chains, Thinkzilla will develop, launch and oversee the execution of business vendor or supplier diversity programs for companies in Scottsdale and across the US that will target, vet, engage, and match minority-owned businesses and help recruit them to your organization.
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Minority Business Owners
Minority Business Development

Minority Business Development

FOR: Commercial and governmental organizations
If you need to expand the amount of business being done with minority owned partners and suppliers, Thinkzilla will create and implement training and business development programs directly with suppliers that are designed to help you meet your business goals by effectively engaging with your organization.

Unlike other DE&I consultants or marketing agencies, Thinkzilla’s teams in Atlanta, Houston, and Scottsdale brings unparalleled supplier diversity program experience coupled with community-based knowledge to help you meet your social responsibility goals.
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