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Don’t Let the Coronavirus Kill Your Business

Few could have predicted the economic impact that the Coronavirus would have in the U.S. Consequently, numerous businesses are currently without a backup plan to keep their business thriving because organizations simply believed something of this magnitude would never happen. Furthermore, we have yet to see just how widespread the problem will become over the next few months.

The question for your company is whether you are prepared and what you can do right now to bolster your business during this challenging time. Let’s take a look at some quick strategies that you can implement so that the coronavirus doesn’t bring your business to a halt.

Get Aggressive with Your Marketing

That’s right. When everyone else is pulling back on their marketing efforts, your company should be moving forward, expanding your market reach and engaging as many people as possible. Plus, your customers need to know they can trust you when times get tough. 

What can you do right now to increase your digital marketing?

  • Add content to your website that is specific to your customer’s needs right now.
  • Launch a marketing campaign highlighting relevant products and services.
  • Create a steady stream of social media posts to heighten awareness.
  • Find ways to improve and refine your customer service.
  • Look for new digital marketing channels you have never used.

Companies that back down on their marketing efforts during times of crisis often lose their customer base to companies that maintain a dependable, steady presence.

Create a Backup Plan

From an infrastructure standpoint, a backup plan may be viewed as a “just in case” plan. However, as an entrepreneur, your backup plan should include a competitive business strategy. For instance, what would happen if your current partners or vendors suddenly halted their operations? Or, are you prepared for the sudden rush in demand for your product? What if you have to change the way you engage with your customers?

Having a business strategy that includes both external and internal processes allows you to have a broader view of your options when disaster strikes. Companies that don’t have a backup plan are likely to fold in times of crisis. 

Protect but Empower Your Employees

Encouraging your employees to ‘keep going’ during a pandemic may send the wrong message. It could result in the loss of employee loyalty or morale. So, set realistic expectations for your employees, but find creative ways to keep them motivated to work for you. 

By now, you’ve probably considered sending your employees home (especially those that are sick or have health problems). This demonstrates that you care for their well-being. However, you may lose productivity which hurts your revenue, which, in turn, hurts your employees. 

The solution is to utilize digital technology that allows your employees to work from home. Digital transformation allows you to take your manual processes and transfer them to a cloud platform or online site where you can keep things moving.  Make the most of the technology you have right now: emails, phones, cloud-based software, E-commerce, social media, and your website. Tools like Google Drive provide a digital platform where your team can still collaborate. 

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