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Managing Your Business Through Disruption: How to Navigate the COVID-19 Outbreak

If you have been watching the news at all, then you are aware of the potential for the COVID-19 outbreak to affect your business and the economy at large. As a business owner, however, your biggest question is how to keep your business thriving when disruptions occur.

Thinkzilla CEO, Velma Trayham met with Tye Hayes, the Chief Technology Officer for the City of Atlanta, to gain some valuable insight into how to maintain business continuity. 

“Companies and businesses must now focus on activating their business continuity and resiliency plans,” explained Hayes. “There should be intentional strategies for providing continued services with minimal staff, security, and brand preservation.”

What does this mean tangibly? Here are some quick thoughts.

Get Your IT and Digital Assets in Order

When considering the impact of COVID-19 or any other potential disaster, you need to determine how the catastrophe will affect the security of your business. Most importantly, you need to develop a plan for protecting your digital assets. If your infrastructure security measures are non-existent or outdated, then you need to act now.

A managed IT company can help you develop a plan that does the following:

  • Protects or recovers your data during a disaster
  • Creates a cloud-based platform for remote access from any location
  • Allows all users to continue working remotely from any location
  • Helps your team maintain communication on various levels
  • Provides continued engaged between your company and your customers

Continue to Engage Your Customers

Continued presence during a disaster says a lot about the stability and resiliency of your company. When your customers can trust that you will be there during difficult times, you are more likely to foster loyal, long-term relationships. So, when everyone else is boarding their business up, it’s time for you to double your marketing strategy and increase customer engagement. 

First, Create Awareness

Let your audience know that you are aware of the current situation and that your team is responding to their needs. Proactively share new information by sending out emails, maintaining your social media pages, and updating your website, as necessary. 

Second, Prepare a Customer Service Strategy

Naturally, your customers are going to have questions about your business. Therefore, you need to be prepared to answer their questions and address their concerns. For instance, you may want to create an FAQ page, an instantly reply email, or train your customer service reps. 

Third, Stay Online

Your audience needs to see movement from your company during times of uncertainty. The best way to create and sustain activity is by staying online. Maximize your social media pages, create YouTube videos, and find creative ways to add pages to your website. 

Take Care of Your Team

Business disruption affects your employees more than it does anyone else. As a CEO or entrepreneur, you may welcome the occasional disruption and see it as a challenge. However, your employees despise disruption and crave stability and fluidity. It’s up to you and your leaders to create a sustainable plan that keeps your employees safe but active during or after a disaster.

If you must send your employees home, then give them a job to do or allow them to keep doing their current job remotely. Develop a communication model that works for everyone. Furthermore, train your employees to use cloud platforms, messaging systems, apps, or social media so that can help them maintain productivity if you need to send them home. 

Digital Branding for Your Business

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