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Three Barriers to Brand Awareness (And How to Tear Them Down)

Regardless of how exceptional your product or service is, how well organized your organizational infrastructure, the extent of your technological prowess, your knowledge of your industry, or even how much you excel at customer service, if no one knows you exist, your company will fail.

Entrepreneurs of both startups and established businesses often feel like their company didn’t make it because their idea wasn’t good enough or they didn’t work put in enough effort. This is hardly the case. Consider the Entrepreneur’s list of reasons why businesses fail within 10 years. Most businesses fold within a decade because of failure to:

  • Connect with their target audience
  • Optimize conversations
  • Create an effective sales funnel
  • Project authenticity and transparency
  • Build an employee tribe or culture

What do all of these failures have in common? A lack of brand awareness.

Whether internal or external, somebody in the company failed to either deliver the message or deliver the right message to the masses, thereby crippling the company’s efforts to thrive. More specifically, the company lacked a dedicated PR team, suffered from low brand awareness, and had few resources to boost their brand into the atmosphere. Let’s take a look at each of these elements more closely so that you can tear down the barriers that are killing your brand awareness.

Lack of a Dedicated PR Team

Public relations operates on two fronts: the front door and the back door.

The front door includes several elements such as press releases, media appearances, endorsements, and even staff training to prepare public figures for these elements. They also include speaking engagements and promoting awards, certifications, or special recognition.

The back door includes crisis communication. Companies should place as much emphasis on damage control as they do project a positive brand image. When something goes wrong – a product recall, sexual harassment, drop in stock value, a vicious rumor – how is your company prepared to handle it?

A dedicated outsourced public relations team highlights your brand’s best features while putting a PR hedge around your company to protect you when you need it most. Today’s PR teams do most of their work on digital platforms: websites, social media, apps, emails, texts, etc. It here that they can promote your company and head off a potential disaster the fastest.

Low Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is more than just getting the word out about your company. Instead, it involves several components such as:

  • Targeting your demographic and building an army of loyal customers
  • Knowing when, how, and where to penetrate the market
  • Differentiating your company from your competitors
  • Developing a well-thought-out strategy and executing it with excellence
  • Utilizing digital technology to optimize your efforts

branding agency provides collaboration, resources, and an entire team of experts that can tear down the barrier of low brand awareness. You have access to services such as logo curation, email campaigns, website design, social media management, marketing collateral, signage, and branding merchandise. An agency can also help you with breakthrough technology that helps you make the digital transformation into marketing automation. This helps you save money while empowering your marketing efforts.

No Strong Industry Media Contacts

In today’s market, it doesn’t always matter who has the best product. As such, companies that rake in millions of dollars are probably better at promoting their product than building it. They utilize every marketing channel and media outlet possible to create massive advertising campaigns.

If you are going to compete with these companies on a large scale, you need to make personal media connections and tell your brand’s story in a compelling way. Furthermore, you need to amplify coverage on every platform possible: YouTube, social media, email, billboards, TV, radio, newspapers, etc. Find celebrities and local community leaders who can act as influencers on your behalf.

The results of strong industry media contacts are more traffic coming to your online platforms, which leads to more conversions and loyal customers. The best part is that your branding awareness team does the work for you. They find the media outlets, make connections with influencers, and develop a strategy for brand development and awareness.

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