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Why Brand Engagement Matters

How Not to Get Left Behind in the Rapidly Changing Marketplace

Are you selling to your customers with marketing that’s beyond its expiration date? Stale marketing and a failure to pivot in changing times will be the reason your company will either fail to launch or fall from grace. The world is moving in all directions - technology, socially, and demographic wise and any successful company will need to be able to outstretch every corner of the market. With innovative strategies and a diverse brand engagement approach from our experts in Scottsdale, Atlanta, and Houston, you can lock into a new rapidly growing consumer base. By expanding your brands’ perspective, you expand your reach and propel your potential and prospects to new heights.

Engagement is Key

One of the marketing lessons Covid-19 taught us besides the fact that people spent more was that people spent the money and gave the most attention to those who gave attention to them. Once the pandemic was in full swing and the world stayed indoors, everyone pivoted online. We saw celebrities with new channels and engaging more on social media and the larger companies followed suit by reaching out to social media influencers and creating a more personal user experience, and developed marketing that engaged more with potential customers. Even as the world was seemingly falling apart around us, many individual and large brands saw record interactions, views, and sales, and engagement was the key reason.

With so many options, price isn’t the determining factor anymore. The growing diverse marketplace values ‘brand values’ and personal engagement. The explosion of social media influencer marketing over traditional advertising proves that customers value social interaction. The same way social proof via reviews and work-of-mouth builds confidence, brand engagement strategies for our experts in Scottsdale, Atlanta, and Houston can build trust and comfort in a sea of scams and oversaturation.

Multicultural Engagement is the Golden Key

The demographics are changing - society is growing more and more diverse, but it has always been diverse, just many of the diverse communities were ignored. Now, multicultural millennials, those from diverse backgrounds and those who value multiculturalism, are the hands that guide and ultimately determine the direction of the market.

Multicultural millennials spent an estimated 1.4 trillion in 2020, which research showing that they are:

  • 82% likely to purchase an item the first time they see it if they like it enough.
  • 83% find it important for the companies they buy from to align with their values.
  • 71% will pay more for a product if they know some of the proceeds go to charity.

In addition, a study by Heat, a Deloitte-owned agency, showed that brands with representative marketing saw an average gain of 44% in a seven-quarter period and that brands with the highest diversity scores showed an 83% higher consumer preference.

Don’t let old marketing methodologies and mentalities prevent you from reaching customers and your highest potential. Partner with ThinkZILLA, and allow us to use our years of experience with brand engagement and business community involvement in the Scottsdale area and across the US to be the multicultural bridge connecting you to the vast and diverse marketplace.

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