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A one-size-fits

all approach no longer works

The face of today’s U.S. consumers is very different. Nearly 35% of our population is multicultural and over 25% are millennials. The purchasing power of ethnic segments are on the rise. And, women have a purchasing power of $15 trillion annually. As the marketplace changes rapidly, a one-size-fits all marketing approach will not work. Thinkzilla Consulting develops and helps you execute innovative strategies for your company to benefit from the changing marketplace.

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We see multicultural as mainstream

An inauthentic diversity narrative can cost your brand millions of dollars and a collapse of reputation. Once reputation is tarnished, the cost to you and your brand is immense. Thinkzilla helps you find human truth in diverse segments. We help you craft authentic messaging and campaigns that resonate with multicultural audiences based on their needs. We’ve hired a diverse team of strategists, marketers and data analysts that resemble the markets that we’re going after. Our strategy starts with understanding the mindsets, behaviors and pain points of each diverse segment: both ethnic and gender. And, tailoring an effective campaign strategy that meets their needs.

  • Marketing & Strategic Planning
  • Diversity Assessment & Evaluation
  • Diversity & Inclusion Branding Strategy
  • One on One Diversity Coaching
  • Diversity Metrics & Benchmarks Tracking
  • Social Media Campaign Management
  • Monitoring Real-time Cultural Phenomena
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    Culture is at the core of everything we do

    Each of our campaigns is born from diverse cultural truths. We connect brands to multicultural consumers in an authentic, memorable way. We’ll help you make the whole market a reality in your campaign planning.

  • Personalization at scale: We provide maximum coverage across multiple cultures, languages, markets and channels.
  • Multicultural footprint: We have a presence in several key multicultural markets across the country including Atlanta, Phoenix, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Houston.
  • Diverse team = Truthful insights. We represent all ethnic segments so we always have a pulse on niche market trends. We feed this authentic data to you for optimal campaign results.
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    What our clients say

    Our clients represent all industries and sectors. They come to us with their biggest challenges and in return, we present big ideas.

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