Economic Empowerment

Economic Empowerment (More than just Economic Development)

Growth, Resilience, Instinct, and Tenacity = True Grit

Thinkzilla helps city leaders build stronger and more resilient communities through program and campaign management. Through our economic development consulting and strategic communications services, Thinkzilla supports organizations looking to expand economic opportunities for underserved communities. We call this combination: economic empowerment.

We believe that viable urban communities have safe, healthy living environments where families can thrive personally and professionally.

Meet the needs of businesses and local residents while growing the community and tourism

At Thinkzilla, we partner with our clients to build community-based projects that enhance physical, economic, and social programs aimed at attracting and retaining businesses, residents, and visitors.

We believe that systematic and sustained action by state and local governments can break through barriers and build better infrastructure, improve economic opportunities, strengthen public services, and enhance community centers.

Develop viable urban communities and expanding economic opportunities

From small infill developments affecting a handful of landowners and tenants to regional infrastructure projects affecting thousands, we help clients navigate the nuances associated with land use and urban development.

Due to the complexity of construction projects, developers often overlook the importance of public outreach and communication. Providing timely communication and community engagement can ease public concerns and lead to a successful project.

Communication is essential for attracting key partners, and engaging the public in the urban development process. Ensuring community members understand the benefits of new projects in their area is key. We help build coalitions, and create informative campaigns to communicate the facts and benefits of a program to the community it will affect.

We also assist clients in navigating any necessary public hearings and planning commission meetings prior to project approval. We help our clients shape messaging and communicate benefits to both project approvers and the public at large.

FAQ: What Is Economic Empowerment?

Economic empowerment is the act of helping people and businesses in the community to represent their own interests, acting on their own behalf.

Economic development is the act of enhancing and growing the community for the betterment of the residents, businesses, and visitors.
Economic development is vitally important to create and maintain jobs and to diversify the economic interests of the community.
By targeting programs and investments in the local economy, cities can improve their quality of life, diversify their economic interests, and build a stronger community.