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Lead Generation Tool by ThinkZilla®

Result-Driven B2B Lead Generation at your fingertips!

A highly integrated automation tool that uses extensive data, marketing expertise, and sales experience to simplify lead generation, accelerate sales, and drive more revenue. Leading with the Lead Generation Tool by ThinkZilla®

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Getting Started- Easy Integration & Simple Set-Up

Once you join the platform, your personal Account Manager will get in touch to help you navigate the tool and understand the strategies we use to get you more leads. Meanwhile, our smart algorithms will search your client base and draft a targeted profile of qualified customers for you.

From setting up the account to creating custom outreach messages, our team will help you at every step, and make the process seamless for you.

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Campaign- Fully Automated & Done-for-You

After the initial call and set up, an automated process helps you get fully integrated and start your campaign. You can now sit back and experience the power of quality lead generation.

Our team will constantly keep track of the progress and suggest changes based on performance and growth strategies. With lead generation experts working for your campaign, you can be assured that everything will be seamless and successful.

Leads- Fast Response & Real Results

As more leads start to respond, our result-driven tool helps you track the activities and performance from your dashboard. The dashboard is simple to use and brings everything to your fingertips. You can also use it to add filters and ensure that your campaign is aligned with your brand identity and marketing strategy.

With the Lead Generation Tool by ThinkZilla®, you can identify more leads and automate your response and engagement processes across all channels.

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Enhance Email Outreach

A comprehensive strategy to send clear and personal emails to your highly targeted prospects that will get more open rate, quick response, and better results.

Strategic Outreach Plan

A proven framework that helps you gain trust and nurture long-term relationships with prospective customers. With our research-based strategy in place, you can create meaningful dialogues that drive results and optimize sales.

Leveraging More Traffic

Get more B2B leads and sales with PPC ads. Pay-per-click ads can help in directing prospects and clients to your website. This is a complicated but effective method. When done right, PPC ads can show great results. We help you do it right, every time.

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Super-targeted Retargeting

With highly converting ads, you can grab the attention of your bounced traffic, and get more conversions. We study your client’s behavior and understand what compels them to take action. This helps us create persuasive ads for super retargeting.

Quick Responses, Automated Chats

To succeed, you must be available 24/7. When your target customer contacts, automated chatbots can help you respond fast and offer exemplary customer services.

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Select the modules for your monthly plan to see accurate pricing.

B2B Lead Generation at your Fingerprints!

Helping businesses gain more attention, build relations, and earn more revenue with automated B2B lead generation.

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Lead Generation Tool by ThinkZilla®

We’re proud to have helped our clients maximize brand awareness and brand engagement with winning digital marketing strategies.

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