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Partnership Marketing

At Thinkzilla, we believe that brands go further when they partner together. Partnership marketing and sponsorship marketing presents opportunities to increase credibility and expand your market. Our branding agency specializes in the creation, development, and management of partnerships and sponsorships nationwide.

Partnerships can drive traffic to your website, grow your number of conversions, and put you in touch with more potential customers. Both you and the partnering company combine resources, abilities, and efforts to maximize your marketing initiatives and gain better results. Thinkzilla brings it all together and helps you develop a powerful, win-win partnership strategy.

Partnership Marketing Services We Offer

Strategic, co-branded partnerships lift companies higher than they are capable of climbing alone. Thinkzilla has access to an expansive network of professionals, businesses, and organizations across the country. We provide the following partnership marketing services.

Sponsorship Development

Our team takes tangible steps to improve your sponsorship funding. We develop a list of potential partners, create a sponsorship program, market the program to potential businesses, and receive feedback. We find ample support from other organizations in the community and put together the right sponsorship package.

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Partnership Management

Thinkzilla’s partner management service allows you to gain greater visibility while integrating the best of what each company has to offer. We simplify the process, maintain structural stability, and create a partnership model that allows everyone to benefit according to their needs. You can scale your partner program and increase your ability to sell while eliminating time spent on manual tasks.

Community Endorsements

We research and target key community influencers who are willing to endorse your product or service. Our team lays the groundwork for you to gather solid commitments from community leaders, business owners, and celebrities. Thinkzilla can find ways for you to gain support from the community at large. We set up meetings, develop and execute all marketing strategies, and get you more in the public spotlight.

Partnership Promotion

Partnership promotion allows you to cast a net that is much wider than your current market reach. We ensure that your collaboration is beneficial for all parties involved and that everyone will put in the effort to promote the partnership. Thinkzilla can manage all legalities, mediate disputes, develop a partnership plan, and find ways to maximize efforts so that everyone has something to gain.

Co-Branding Management

The best way to form a successful strategic alliance is through meticulous and methodical management. We help you navigate your collaboration by melding brands, combining marketing strengths, broadening your awareness. Even more, we make sure that everything stays organized, all parties communicate effectively, all entities reach tangible goals. Thinkzilla provides the supporting infrastructure so that the merger doesn’t fall apart.

Our team acts as a liaison between brands and people who matter in your community. Partnership management allows us to connect your brand into existing consumer relationships. It’s a vital step in establishing brand trust.

The Pros of Partnership Marketing

When acting alone, your company may find it difficult to launch marketing campaigns that convert. For this reason, Thinkzilla can help you develop a partnership marketing initiative that has the following benefits:

  • You have more time, money, and resources to market your products the way you’ve always wanted.
  • Partnership marketing can drastically reduce marketing and promotion costs while doubling your efficiency.
  • You nurture long-term business relationships, in which both entities benefit from ongoing collaboration.
  • Thinkzilla can manage all systems and processes so that you are free to run your business.

When managed properly, partnership marketing provides an unparalleled ability to establish brand trust. Who do you trust to manage this connection?

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Partnership Success Stories

We are proud to have introduced our clients to influential marketing partners and helped them further their brand partnerships.

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  • From earned media, media relations, issue advocacy to reputation management, we’re here to help you own your story. Are you ready to build buzz for your brand? Want to strike the right balance of strategy and creativity to get results? Tell us about your business and we will be in touch:

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