Create Brand Personality – JIVE Juice Company

Founded by Tamala Austin, JIVE Juice provides cold pressed juices and smoothies with vitamins and supplements. Since its launch, JIVE Juice has become a household name, a consumer favorite and the first juice company owned by an African American carried by Whole Foods.

To bring Tamala’s idea to life, Thinkzilla used its powerful combination of multicultural expertise and brand engagement know-how to take JIVE Juice from being a small idea to a scalable reality. Thinkzilla was involved from strategy to execution in every aspect and helped bring JIVE Juice to thousands of households across the U.S., and to one of the largest grocery distributors in the nation.

Project Goals

Like many entrepreneurs, Tamala Austin had a great idea, but needed help to make it a reality. Tamala wanted to focus on what she did best: creating wholesome juices that would give vitality to those who need it most. With a short lead time to go-to-market, Tamala relied on Thinkzilla to provide marketing expertise to raise awareness and drive sales.

  • Short go-to-market timeline
  • Ability to scale business efficiently
  • Lack of branding and digital marketing expertise

Thinkzilla Solution

Thinkzilla knew the fact that Tamala started JIVE Juice with purpose could be a competitive advantage with multicultural audiences.

After performing an extensive study of the market to understand buying patterns and consumer desires, Thinkzilla created the brand vision, packaging, pricing, go-to-market strategy and communications

Rather than take a traditional packaged goods approach to the JIVE Juice website and content, Thinkzilla balanced messaging about Tamala’s inspiring story to create brand preference with transactional messaging to move users through the purchase funnel.

A steady drumbeat of press raises Tamala’s personal profile. Thinkzilla even helped Tamala author her own book, which documents her personal journey to healthy living. Thinkzilla’s non-traditional approach using personal storytelling stands apart from typical brand launches and has helped the brand break through with major retailers and influencers.


Black-Owned Juice Brand sold at Whole Foods
Million ACCOLADES - Founder honored during the Texas State of the State Address
I am proud to be a client of Thinkzilla. I’ve been with the company since the beginning of my business four years ago. They took what was just an idea and helped me to turn it into a company that is growing and thriving by leaps.
Tamala Austin
Founder of JIVE Juice Company