Credibility and Influence – Nurse Chioma

Chioma Okeke is a registered nurse and entrepreneur in the health and wellness industry. To support the next generation of nurses, Nurse Chioma launched an online program — Choosing Nursing — that prepares nurses in the U.S. and Canada for their exams and helps them meet prerequisites for their license.

Thinkzilla was tapped to grow the discoverability of, position Chioma as a thought leader and build overall brand awareness. With the help of their team, Chioma’s website ranked higher on Google Search and grew discoverability to over 400K users.

Project Goals

Like many entrepreneurs, Chioma had a great idea, but needed help with execution. was a fairly new website and had not gained domain authority on Google or the brand awareness needed to generate leads. The team lacked the digital expertise needed to lift site discoverability through SEO, social media and media relations

  • Low domain authority
  • Minimal website discoverability
  • Limited brand awareness

Thinkzilla Solution

Thinkzilla is an expert at building communications frameworks for executive-led brands, which requires the artful skill of balancing both the executive’s personal brand and the company brand.

Thinkzilla established Nurse Chioma’s profile as a thought leader by pitching press stories, securing speaking engagements, distributing news releases, and producing email drip campaigns to prospects.

Thinkzilla’s carefully crafted content that provided an indepth view of Chioma’s personal story and rationale for launching the initiative went viral in a matter of days. Thinkzilla leveraged the press activity to build a broader communications program that would turn the awareness into business growth.

To raise the discoverability of, Thinkzilla implemented both front-end and back-end SEO to grow the keyword ranking of the website, which then garnered greater traffic and leads. By increasing organic results, Thinkzilla was able to avoid the need for costly pay-per-click.

Thinkzilla managed’s social presence across LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Email list sign ups in first 3 days
Social media shares
Press pickups across print, digital and radio
Thousand Users
Great article. I'm very excited about all the press we're getting ...I'm so happy I made this decision. It was well worth the investment! Got amazing results!
Chioma Okeke