Rebrand and Relaunch – Restoring Relationships

Restoring Relationships is a ministry dedicated to helping people find freedom of heart and soul. Dominic Herbst, Founder & President of Restoring Relationships, is a nationally renowned figure in the fields of family therapy and troubled youth.

To reinvigorate slowing growth, Dominic enlisted Thinkzilla on a cohesive rebrand for the digital age and new website with robust content. From idea to implementation, Thinkzilla produced a contemporary look and feel for the website with a seamless user experience, engaging content and strong calls-to-action. The website lifted Restoring Relationship’s overall brand visibility and dramatically increased lead generation.

Project Goals

A small team with minimal digital expertise, Restoring Relationships needed the support of a full-service agency to revamp branding, content strategy and website architecture for their website. Due to outdated branding and their website having limited content, discoverability was low and direct traffic was minimal.

  • Outdated branding
  • Low-performing website
  • Stagnant business growth

A Thinkzilla analysis of website traffic and user behavior uncovered gaps in visibility, content consumption and user flow.

Thinkzilla Solution

Thinkzilla united Restoring Relationships’ services under one new cohesive digital brand identity that was powerful and visually-appealing – complete with simple user interface and intuitive navigation.

Launched with a focused content strategy and inspiring video content, all showcased on a new website, the platform captures the energy and vibrancy of Restoring Relationship’s mission.

To engage constituents, Thinkzilla produced a content program with one powerful goal: to build a personal connection to Dominic Herbst among users. Based data analysis, Thinkzilla knew that emotionally-driven stories would help users identify with Domnic’s mission, expertise and identity.

Thinkzilla generated launch excitement with a press release which received significant local & national media pick-up


SALES - Turnaround from decline to growth
Press Release Impressions
Thousand New Facebook Fans
Thinkzilla was amazing to work with on our rebrand project. They were professional AND knowledgeable. I'd recommend them to anyone needing to restart growth.
Dominic Herbst
Founder & President of Restoring Relationships