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Public Relations

Public relations is a critical element in preserving your company’s professional image, credibility, and relationship with your market. When done right, influencer marketing and press engagements can be effective in solidifying your reputation in the community. So, it is important that you communicate with your audience in ways that build lasting relationships. Thinkzilla’s vast local and national network can help you reach consumers wherever they are located. Our PR agency Atlanta has access to an extensive range of resources, people, and agencies that can back your business and leverage your company name in your community. We align you with names that matter to make you a household name.

Public Relations Services We Offer

We provide influencer & press engagement services in the following areas:

Celebrity Endorsements

At Thinkzilla, we reach out to influencers who become true fans of your products or services, evangelizing on your behalf. Our network of influencers and press contacts span all mediums, walks of life, and areas of interest. They are real people sharing your message. Through influencer marketing, you meet people and engage through a medium and voice that they find interesting. Hire the award-wining PR Agency in Atlanta to improve your business PR.

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Press Releases

Press releases are an open invitation for the community to learn more about your company. We fashion press releases with catchy headlines, accurate information, and lead-ins that engage readers. We create announcements that match your style and messaging while strengthening your brand. We also feature quotes from key players and provide the right contact information.

Media Appearances

TV and radio are still effective tools for promoting your organization and getting the word out about what is going on in your business. Whether you need a full-blown commercial or looking to make the news, we deliver the right narrative to your audience. We provide all the tools you need for high-end video and audio production.

Community Leader Endorsements

As a business owner, you can always benefit from the power of influencer endorsement. Leaders naturally garner trust from the community, while affecting changes in culture, policy, and the market. Figuring out how to convince an influencer can be an uphill climb. Using our built-in network of community leaders, we work on your behalf to scout the right talent and find an influencer that becomes your most prominent advocate.

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Media Training

You may be a talented entrepreneur or executive, but have no idea how to act in front of a camera. Thinkzilla’s team of specialists can train you so that you appear natural on film or in front of the microphone. We provide extensive media training for events such as commercials, YouTube videos, press conferences, speeches, or business conferences.

Crisis Communication

We can help you prepare for unexpected issues that arise by crafting crisis communication planning and strategies. We can develop protocols and systems that you use to effectively communicate with your audience in emergency situations, such as severe weather, PR incidents, fire, reputation crisis, crime, product recalls, or terrorism.

Speaking & Awards Management

How are you leveraging your speaking engagements or awards that your company receives? Let us work with you to make the most of every event and notoriety that comes your way. We can publicize all engagements and get the word out about the awards you receive.

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Coverage Across Top Media Outlets

Our expert team of publicists, former journalists, and communications specialists have a solid network of established and emerging media outlets. Whether you’re looking for national, local, or trade exposure, you can receive desirable news coverage from outlets, such as the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Fast Company, Bloomberg, Essence, Rolling Stone, Inc., and others. With decades of experience, we have an eye for crafting a newsworthy event that journalists and publishers will latch on to. Whether you’re a small business just getting started or an industry veteran, we will help you craft the right messages to get you placements in the right outlets, at the right time.

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Maximizing exposure with press and influencers

We are proud to have generated widespread exposure and recognition with winning press and influencer relations strategies for our clients

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