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PR matters now more than ever for your brand.

In the age of “fake news” credibility counts. With trust collapsing in the United States, consumers are growing more skeptical of brands, businesses and organizations. In fact, 58% of business executives believe that reputation management should be addressed, but only 15% actually do something about it.

Public relations can both make or break your brand. When done correctly, PR sends the right messages to the right places and people to build your brand reputation. This is where Thinkzilla Consulting comes in. We believe in the power of proactive, always-on PR to help put your business on the map and sustain success.

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Our approach is simple: start with strategy

Without a proper strategy, you’re throwing darts in the dark and paying for each try. With Thinkzilla Consulting, you’ll save time and money with a strategic roadmap that helps you mitigate risk, build positive brand reputation and connect with your target audiences. We start by defining the vision and mission for your brand and business. We’ll then strategize the best placements and mediums for reaching your audience, promising the most impact for your budget. Our services are designed to raise our clients' brand, sales and bottom-line results across every industry:

  • Strategy & Campaign Planning
  • Startup & Small Business Brand Building
  • Writing & Content Creation
  • Press Release Distribution
  • Reporting Metrics
  • Media Training
  • Media Relations
  • Thought Leadership
  • Survey Managementt
  • Influencer Outreach
  • Crisis Communications
  • Speaking & Awards Management
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    Crème de la crème of media coverage

    Our expert team of publicists, former journalists and communications gurus have a solid network of relationships with traditional and emerging media. Whether you’re looking for national, local, or trade media outlets, we’ve cultivated the right relationships to help you drive desirable news coverage. With decades of experience, we have an eye for crafting a “news hook” that journalists and publishers will latch on to. Whether you’re a small business just getting started or an industry veteran, we will help you craft the right messages to get you placements in the right outlets, at the right time.

  • The New York Times
  • The Wall Street Journal
  • Forbes
  • Fast Company
  • Bloomberg
  • Essence
  • Rolling Stones
  • Inc.
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    Smart technology for smart decisioning

    Our proprietary database and software helps us creating a winning strategy for clients. After agreeing on your campaign goals, we then create a bespoke analysis to curate recommended mediums and influencers, story arcs and news hooks and a roadmap for media coverage. Best of all, we can predict the expected outcomes of media coverage for your brand or business! This will save you time and money to ensure campaign success!

    Once a media plan is in flight, we are transparent about reporting. We provide real-time analytics to help you understand performance along each major milestone. If something isn’t performing as expected, we make new recommendations and tweak until we are completely satisfied.

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    Proud to make news and break news for Atlanta’s movers and shakers

    We are proud to secure trail blazing coverage of African American entrepreneurs, Black culture and communities. Multicultural PR is at the heart of Thinkzilla Consulting and we take pride in giving voice to this powerful, emerging market.

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    • From earned media, media relations, issue advocacy to reputation management, we’re here to help you own your story. Are you ready to build buzz for your brand? Want to strike the right balance of strategy and creativity to get results? Tell us about your business and we will be in touch:

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