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Every business or corporate enterprise needs to stay relevant in an ever changing market while still achieving greater brand awareness and profitability. Today, this includes seeking to engage minority businesses, accepting their diversity, working in partnerships to achieve mutually profit sustainability and ultimately becoming socially aligned. But where do you find these business opportunities?

Enter Thinkzilla. We are here to send minority business opportunities your way to promote the growth of your business or brand, enable you to become more diverse and more inclusive and build your brand reputation.

By tapping into our extensive network of minority businesses, we successfully match you up with the right one, whether you are part of a public or privately-owned company including healthcare and educational enterprises.

We currently own a vast data base of over 200,000 minority businesses and have helped more than 5,000 black and minority owned companies not only reach equal opportunity access, win business with a great amount of companies like yourselves, but also by helping them to improve their product or service and build resources and capacity.

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Minority Business Development

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