Social Equity Alignment

Social Equity Alignment (Diversity & Inclusion Amplified)

To achieve diversity and inclusion, true social equity must be aligned between the community and it’s residents

Thinkzilla helps clients break through the status quo to broaden - and deepen - diversity and inclusion at every level. We call it social equity, whereby underrepresented groups are given opportunities to thrive in both the workplace and community.

Thinkzilla plays a crucial role in helping clients realize their potential to become more equitable, embracing diversity in the workplace and fosteringing opportunity in the communities they serve. Through our strategic consultancy services, we help our enterprise, public service, and emerging business customers break through the status quo and build something of enduring value. We do this through the design and execution of diversity and inclusion programs, social justice initiatives, and economic empowerment programs.

Inclusivity requires catalysts for change to give a voice to the people.

Thinkzilla guides our clients as they journey to understand how diversity and inclusion helps people feel safe, happy, productive, and fulfilled.

We believe that people in diverse and inclusive organizations and communities are more productive, function more comfortably as a team, and feel empowered to share new ideas.

We also believe that people are more engaged in organizations and communities where they can learn from one another’s strengths and differences, and feel supported by their peers and leadership. An inclusive environment is the true definition of “together”, and together people can succeed in whatever it is that they choose to do.

Break through the inertia and skepticism to build the community.

Thinkzilla has a root cause approach to guiding clients through social equity initiatives at all levels.

Let’s face it... There can be lingering skepticism about diversity & inclusion program relevance to organizations and the greater community. That’s why we frame diversity and inclusion as social equity. Organizations need to go beyond the diversity & inclusion check box and be fully committed to fairness, justice, and equality. This is social justice.

We guide clients on the development and implementation of diversity & inclusion processes across functions, helping them spot and overcome potential bias in hiring, contracting, promotional decisions, and more. Leaders are not always aware of the meaningful actions they can take; so we serve as a sounding board for ideas the community will embrace.

FAQ: What Is Social Equity Alignment

Some people - like underserved communities - need more help than others. Thinkzilla helps organizations and cities around the country to align social equity programs to minimize the divide and normalize the opportunities for everyone in the community.

Social equity is the practice of addressing the systemic differences of opportunity and access to social resources that exist in the community.
In order to foster an equitable workplace, socially-responsible organizations seek to better understand the needs of its diverse staff, stakeholders, and customers.