ThinkZILLA PR & Consulting Group, America's Leading Church Marketing Firm, Is Now Offering the Faith Marketing Clinic for Churches Wishing to Grow

Thinkzilla Church Marketing Firm

Marketing & Branding Agency Launched Unique Marketing Program To Help Churches and Christian Based Businesses Connect with New Audiences

HOUSTON, TX, July 9, 2017 — Marketing is the best way to empower congregations and increase the reach of a church. Introducing the ThinkZILLA Faith Marketing Clinic™. Through a 15-week program, Velma Trayham and the team at Think Zilla increase exposure of a church and provide a platform to speak to over 140 million church-goers. More information is available:

“It might seem strange to many church-goers to ‘market’ a church, but it’s the best way to get the Word of God out to the people. It’s the pastor’s job to teach and guide once the people arrive, but it can be a challenge to get people in. The Faith Marketing Clinic uses a 3-track approach that is powerful and proven.” – Velma Trayham, Founder, ThinkZILLA

The ThinkZILLA Faith Marketing Clinic™ is a simple 3-theme program with measurable results guaranteed to get you the engagement, growth and brand exposure your church deserves in just 15 weeks.

The ThinkZILLA Church Marketing Clinic is based on four tracks – Exposure, Church Branding, Engagement, Community Prosper – and is designed to quickly diagnose the exact symptoms faced by each faith client and a program is then formulated to tackle those challenges head on with practical, easy-to-execute marketing strategies.

MsTrayham continues: “I see too many churches overwhelmed with how they operate, how to market themselves or communicate meaningfully with their congregations. And I hear the same problems over again from pastors and faith administrators – too little time, – and no-one who can give them the outcomes they’re seeking.”

“The first track is exposure. It involves getting a church featured everywhere. The second track is branding and includes a new logo and complete long-term marketing strategy. The final track is engagement. This where the church’s outreach to current and prospective members becomes personal and accessible.” – Velma Trayham, Founder, ThinkZILLA

With a rich history in high-level marketing and PR in the high pressure industries of sports and entertainment (think Superbowl and Bet), published author/speaker and accomplished marketing expert Velma Trayham began working with church leaders and faith-based organizations. Spurred on by her incredible success expanding her first congregation from 300 members to 5000+ in just three years, Velma realized her deep knowledge and skillset in the corporate world could be utilized to build dynamic and prosperous church communities.

Contact Information:

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Velma Trayham at 888-509-1145 or email at info(at)itsthinkzilla(dot)com.

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