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FOR: Organizations
If you have negative publicity that catches you off guard related to diversity, equity and inclusion that negatively impacts your brand, Thinkzilla can help because we provide proven and practical expertise that will develop a customized response designed to protect your brand and reputation.

Unlike other national public relations or crisis management agencies, Thinkzilla brings unparalleled DE&I  experience coupled with community-based knowledge to help you pivot quickly.
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Community Engagement

FOR: Commercial and Governmental Organizations
If you're ready to invest into the minority community in a way that supports and improves your brand identity, Thinkzilla will develop and oversee community engagement programs that form meaningful relationships with community leaders, influencers and the minority community at large.

What makes us unique is that we bring a combination of DE&I expertise, extensive media and public relations experience and a network of over 250,000 diverse suppliers to help you achieve your goals quickly.
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